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Mediation and Arbitration Services in NJ

Facing conflicts that lead to the courtroom is an experience no one looks forward to. This is where mediation and arbitration, two forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), come into play.

In mediation, a neutral third party, known as the mediator, steps in to help both parties negotiate a settlement, thus avoiding the need for litigation in court. However, while the mediator plays a crucial role in facilitating dialogue and helping reach an agreement, they are not permitted to offer legal advice, represent any party, or draft the final settlement documents.This limitation highlights the importance of having a seasoned legal professional by your side. Keith Hofmann has extensive experience in mediation and arbitration, assisting clients to pursue divorce amicably.

In New Jersey, Complementary Dispute Resolution is an important tool in resolving divorce matters without the hefty costs of a trial. With Keith Hofmann by your side, you can confidently navigate mediation and arbitration, knowing your goals are within reach.


A Closer Look at Our NJ Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

What is Mediation?
Once a matter is referred to mediation, the parties and/or their attorneys may select a mediator from a list of qualified mediators in their area. The mediator will set a date and time for the mediation sessions to take place. Counsel are typically involved in at least the first mediation session, if not all sessions, along with their client. Mediation can take anywhere from 2 to 5 sessions before the parties can finalize their resolution.
What is Arbitration?
Arbitration is defined as a consensual, voluntary contract agreed upon by the parties to resolve a dispute to secure a final disposition outside of the courthouse. With this ADR method, an arbitrator is chosen by the parties to hear the facts and issues in dispute and make a binding determination, like a judge. The scope of arbitration and the problems addressed are entirely up to the parties’ agreement before the arbitration begins. Arbitration is an exclusive remedy wherein the parties voluntarily waive their rights to litigate before a judge.

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