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Did You Know That Child Emancipation in New Jersey Takes Place at Age 19, Not 18?

February 20, 2019

When is a child emancipated in New Jersey?

Recent New Jersey legislation has moved the emancipation age up form 18 years old to 19 years old. This is the age when child support may end. However specific instances will require the continued support of the child by the parents, such as full-time college, a disability, or a court order. However, a parent may request a continuation of child support up to age 23.

The 2017 NJ child support emancipation laws provide that a child support obligation ends when a child marries, dies, enters military service, or reaches age 19; however, a parent of a child approaching the age of emancipation in NJ may request that the obligor continue to pay child support beyond that age. A child support obligation may be continued beyond the child’s 19th birthday if any of the following apply:

  • • A court order specifies another age for terminating child support but not beyond the child’s 23rd birthday.
  • Before the child reaches age 19, a parent submits a written request seeking to continue child support beyond the child’s 19th birthday.
  • The Division of Child Protection and Permanency in the Department of Children and Families has placed the child receiving support in an out-of-home placement.

Written notice will be sent as a reminder.

All child support obligations administered by the Probation Division will provide a notice to both parents 180 days before the child’s 19th birthday. The notice will state that the child support obligation will terminate once the child reaches age 19. The letter will explain how a parent may request the continuation of the obligation up to age 23.

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